Re: new boat bottom trash

Posted by LeeG on Jun 16, 2005

How long are you going without varnishing it?,,,I've been reading some wide variations by some folks and personally wouldn't expose an unvarnished kayak to an entire season of direct summer sun in tropical climates. Any who if it's 6oz glass on 4mm ply that's mighty strong. It it's 4oz glass then it'll be more susceptible to dings that dent the wood. If the scratches and scrapes are causing depressions in wood through the 6oz glass then you're definately abusing it. Thick fill coats are a good reason for a boat that will get dragged around as yours appears to be. If you want it to look perfect and scratch free then clean it off, sand lightly with some 180 grit, apply another coat of epoxy, let cure then sand again and varnish after it's cured a couple weeks. Re-glassing is something you should only have to do if the glass and wood are damaged,,not if there are surface scratches in the fill coats.

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