Re: Kayaking in Acadia?

Posted by J.Schott on Jun 16, 2005

The best launch spot I know is the bar at Bar Harbor. It is right up the road from the town dock. Know your tides because the bar is only visible for about 6 hours around low tide. Another reason to know the tides is the current, it really rips up there. There is a boat launch near Bass harbor which is another good place. I'm sure there are tons more spots, you can call the local kayak tour shops there and I'm sure they can give you plenty of info. The double would be right at home there. There is so much to see and explore, you need a month to take it all in. Beware, once you go, you'll be hooked for life.

In Response to: Kayaking in Acadia? by Mike M. on Jun 16, 2005