new boat bottom trashed

Posted by patrick forrester on Jun 16, 2005

I just finished building my wr18. It is not varnished yet.

Anyway I took it out for a 3 day week end trip.

when I was there I trashed the bottom of my new boat.

They say they can handle some abuse. I am not sure about this. I guess after a few seasons at this rate the bottom may have serious problems. Look at the results of 1 long week end of paddling in the picture linked to below.

Anyway I am currious what advice I can get about this. And I am curious of anybody has special advice on varnishing the bottom after trashing it.

Will I adversly effect the integety of the bottom by taking a who cares if it looks bad approach. I guess a major sanding and refiberglassing may be in order to keep it in good shape.