Re: varnish/paint

Posted by Howard on Jun 14, 2005

the purpose of the epoxy is to prevent water from getting in. so its not so much a matter of coats but making sure that in prepping the hull for painting that you have no exposed wood.

that being said. usually two to three thin passes of epoxy is what it takes on bare wood. the first pass will get pulled into the grain typically. the second pass will now build on top of that. then do your sanding prep to get it smooth. one last coat to fix any "sand-throughs" and build it up a bit. then a very light sanding to ensure you have a smooth surface.

as to varnish...i would still varnish over the epoxy for better UV also looks much nicer then bare epoxy. inside of boats/canoes i am a fan of a flat can put down three coats of standard z-spar flag-ship varnish for great UW protection....and then a fourth coat of a satin finish on top. will make it look like fine cabinetry.


In Response to: varnish/paint by Pete on Jun 14, 2005