Stain or Paint

Posted by mark dehnart on Jun 14, 2005

....I maybe crazy. Had a very bad "Scarf" accident, and it was on the deck of my chesepeake 18. I had always been interested in Haida (North West Coastal Americans). Decided to camo mistake with a design. So Paint or stain. I thought it would look better in stain (the grain does shine through). But how to use multi stains without leaching or bleeding over the desired design. I cut thru the first layer of the magonony, thus severing the fibers. Then carefully applied the stain. I'll try to attach a photo. I'm not done yet, still sanding.Hopefully this will assist some people who are thinking about alternative finishes. Thanks for all the help this forum has provided. I'll try to post some pictures of the "Maiden voyage" or the "Viking Funeral"