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Posted by Mislav on Jun 14, 2005

Building from plans for about 2 months by now and almost finished. Currently mounting sliding seat brackets. Still have to paint it. First boat too. Didn't have much time for building. I worked in the evenings and weekends and not every day. Had some troubles with low temp so I have lost some days waiting to warm up. If it had been warm all the time I guess a month would be a reasonable estimate. I don't think it's much different from kayak building, perhaps even simpler because of smaller decks and less rigging. I also spend some time doing things not found in manual, like tabbing, mounting solid wood blocks in bow and stern, cutting fiberglass tape from cloth, doing extra epoxy sealing coats, 8 fill coats and 2 sanding inbetween etc. Fell free to ask anything you want and use search since this forum is already full of great advices. Good luck.

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