CLC 14 needs TLC

Posted by perry on Jun 14, 2005

I just got a Chesapeake 14' kayak that needs some T.L.C. (I also have a Chesapeake 17' that's in top shape) The boat is meant to be a "beater" - the biggest thing that I'm debating is what to do to the weathered wood inside the boat. I could mix up some epoxy and cover the wood with that but there's no way i can reach the whole boat. (there are no hatches built into the boat). then i was thinking of going the cheap and easy route and using polyester resin to coat the inside - just pour some in and tilt the boat until it runs all the way down and let it cure - i know polyester doesn't stick well to epoxy but all it would have to do here is seal the wood.

any ideas, tricks, tips, dos and don'ts, would be appreciated.