Eastport Drain port?..

Posted by Mitch M on Jun 14, 2005

I am contemplating installing a drain port into the Eastport. it will be hung from stanchions off a 30 ft sailboat .I don't want the weight of rain water unduly stressing the pram, so while on the stanchions teh drain port would be unthreaded and allow h 2 o to d rain out. (another option is a sunbrella boat- cover which would need to be contructed then supported by a frame which would then be easily removable for use. A drain port sounds much easiler...) Has any one installed a small elegant bronze threaded drain port in one of these crafts ?? will the flexing of the boat in waves cause such a drain port to begin leaking ? (not good...) I am about to begin the glassing , and contemplate that the drain would be drilled out after the glassing is complete. Any recommendations would be most appreciated....


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