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Posted by LeeG on Jun 14, 2005

First off it's a flush hatch. Then you have machine screws going through the 12mm of deck/spacer/recess with a little piece of wood that swivels over the hatch from it's connection around the recess. All you have to do to secure the hatch is postion it over the recess, press down near a swivel to compress the gasket and rotate it over the hatch. You could do it with your knee and a frozen hand and the hatch would be 100% secure. I've added a tether in the form of one strap with fastek buckle that is attached by a loop to the hatch. The one strap may or may not replace a pair of swivels but it's a way things can get secured quickly but the real closures are those swivels. Look at access hatches or portlights on boats,,,a flange, a cover, a perimeter of clamps or screws. It's the same idea.

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