Re: hatches leak on capsi

Posted by Jon Loraine on Jun 14, 2005

Just to add to this one, having completed my LT17 about 2 months ago, I acheived my first capsize this weekend, navigating ~20cm surf at a creek entrance on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia - and the hatches are not even close to watertight! I would have taken on 10 - 20 litres of water per hatch in the few seconds that the kayak was over. The hatches are close fitting, gasketed, and held down tight, but the angle of attack of the straps on the hatches makes it almost impossible to achieve a secure all-round seal. I'm inclined to think that I need a second line of defence such as a neoprene cover underneath the hatch. Any comments?

In Response to: Re: hatches leak on capsi by Howard on Jun 13, 2005