Re: Bubbles in the Epoxy

Posted by walter crandall on Jun 13, 2005

Steve seems to have hit all of my concerns as well. I would not use anything in between coats of epoxy/resin other than a mild dish soap in warm water and rinse well to remove any film. I personally like the small 3" and very thin rollers. These can be purchased and keeping the little handle you can buy packages of rollers for $1.50/2 rollers. Temperature is everything and 65 to 70 degree seems to be best for flow and the tipping process which can be done, after you have applied resin to the entire surface with the cheap 1" disposable brush from the general store. Note: Be careful of brissles that like to fall out. If you are doing the entire deck, work along at a reasonably good pace, mixing small batches and apply with roller. I like used yogart containers which I have cleaned really well and have a stack of them to use. I know it all sounds abit wasteful but when you consider your time and labor to get you to this is worth it. Can't wait to see some pictures of the finished boat. Good Luck

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