Paranoia Sets In

Posted by Matt Croce on Jun 11, 2005

Okay, after two weeks of sanding (well, part time sanding while dealing with a full time job and full time family) I have finally gotten rid of the crappy, non-adhered coat of epoxy. I sanded down about halfway through the glass on the entire boat; it was the only way to get the bad coat off, because it was down in the weave of the fabric.

Anyway, I finished up by sanding with 220 grit; gave it all a good wipedown with lacquer thinner, and then recoated with a medium coat of epoxy (medium thickness; still using the slow hardener that came with the kit).

So, as I'm erecting the tent over the boat, to keep all of the REST of the nasty bugs off of it, I notice that on top of the epoxy / in the epoxy there is a light film; you can only see it at a particular angle, but it looks kinda like when you see oil on a puddle in a parking lot, but not as severe.

Am I being paranoid, because of my previous experience with a coat of epoxy going to hell on me? Is this normal? If this coat doesn't adhere, a viking funeral will look mild, because I will turn this thing over to the breachers at work and have them blow it to kingdom come with C4 before I sand it all off again...

Hope it's normal...