Re: Bubbles in the Epoxy

Posted by Steve Miller on Jun 11, 2005

Very likely all of the above. I never use thinner on epoxy, paint or varnish. It leaves a film IMHO that you need to wash off. Better just to wash in the first place. I see it more in varnish and paint but only waiting an hour then not washing probably caused some of your bubbles.

Foam rollers leave little bubbles in the sticky epoxy. The rollers have a definite grain to them - that is they will leave more bubbles going in one direct than the other. The thin yellow foam rollers do well, the more cushy thicker foam rollers leave more bubbles in epoxy but are fine for paint or varnish.

Did you tip the epoxy coat with a foam brush or just roll the stuff on and leave? Gotta tip! Tipping pops the bubbles.

Epoxy get bubbles in it from mixing so you have bubbles to start anyway. Warm epoxy gets fewer bubbles than cold since its thinner when warm. The roller helps and tipping finishes.

If you have enough epoxy on now then don't think another coat is needed for a bubble cure. I would just sand with 220 then do a 320 and varnish. The worst that will happen is the bottom half of some bubble holes will get filled with varnish. No worries really!

Oh and relax, it will turn out fabulous!

In Response to: Bubbles in the Epoxy by Holmar on Jun 11, 2005