Bubbles in the Epoxy

Posted by Holmar on Jun 11, 2005

Hi I am building a Cheasapeake 17 and was starting the dreaded "sahara phase". As I started sanding I saw the overhang cloth from the deck was a rough mess on the sides. I decided to recover the boat with another coat of epoxy. As I did that I noticed some bubbles in the wet epoxy. The next day as I entered the shop I saw that the bubbles were all still there. So my questions are: 1. Did I overmix my mixture of epoxy. 2. Did I use the wrong type of foam roller - (did not have the same problem with former coats) 3. After reading terror stories about late coats of epoxy I wiped the boat with thinner to wash of any unwanted residue that might have accumulated during the last 3-4 weeks since I initially covered the boat. The thinner evaporated fast so I applied the new coat within an hour.

Should I now reapply another epoxy coat. If so do I have to sand the boat with fine sandpaper (240) or can I put it directly on the boat over the 120 grit paper I have been using?

My dream of a fully varnished boat seems in danger!

I got some pics I could send to illustrate my problems...