Re: spider cracks

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jun 10, 2005

Are the cracks right through the epoxy? If they are, I suggest sanding down just to the cloth (weave starts to show), then building up a new layer of epoxy. If as long as the cloth isn't damaged you boat should be ok. The cracks will probably be on the other side, too, so do the same repair there as well. The cracks are now a weakness in the superstructure of the boat and may let water in onto the wood surface, which can cause delamination of the glass in time. Doing the repair is playing it safe. besides, the cracks mean that there is probably some play in the hull/deck now, so if you varnish it, the varnish will probably become just as cracked over time.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: spider cracks by Joe on Jun 10, 2005


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