Re: Foam Brushes

Posted by Steve Miller on Jun 10, 2005

Yep sure is. Avoid any that are not the JEN brand. Not sure what is different about the JEN brand but they do not turn to little black crumbs of foam in epoxy like some of the other brands. I use rollers for most applications and the foam brushes for edges etc where rollers do not work. For varnish I use either the white foam round end 4" rollers (any big box store) or a good Purdy natural bristle brush. Note that white rollers are not good for epoxy. They come apart too fast and do not hold the thick goo well at all. They do work fine on paint and varnish.

I get my JEN foam brushes at Michaels Craft and Floral - the big craft store chain. Cheapest place I have ever seen them.

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