Re: Light weight fillets?

Posted by RogerJ on Jun 10, 2005

Raul, make sure your hull is straight and fair! It hard to change once you have done your fillets. Tape along the outside of the seams will help reduce flow through if you have any gaps or open wire holes. Epoxy tabs if done right will hold the seam closed when the wires are removed. I took extra time and taped the margins of the fillets before putting down epoxy. That gave me a reference line (a little wider than the fiberglass tape) so the fillet and tape ran straight down the seams. The tape pulls up easliy before the epoxy gets too firm so you don't have too much cleanup. You want the fillet material to fill the wire holes and allow an easy curve for the 'glass tape. The tape goes transparent so a wavy fillet will show through. Only you will really care, or not, about that. RogerJ

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