Re: Foam Brushes

Posted by George K on Jun 10, 2005


I don't like to put on the epoxy with a foam brush (they get full and sag, hence the need to get another one) but I'm a huge fan of the yellow foam rollers with re-usable plastic handle sold at most lumber/hardware/paint stores. They put down an even, thin coat of epoxy which I then tip out with one of the foam brushes. And the disposable chip (bristle) brushes do come in handy for some applications like spreading thickened epoxy. I believe the preparation thing you refered to in your first post was to simply run a bit of epoxy around the bristles at the bristle/metal junction, stand on end (bristles up, of course), allow to cure and you have a brush that won't shed. I keep meaning to do that but I never seem to remember to do it until I pick one up.

Mac, if you got any bristle brushes you don't want send 'em down my way!

Happy boatbuilding.

George K

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