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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 10, 2005

Mark, I dig yer meanin', and been there. Well, not with a SOT, but the situation was the same. Here's the deal:

Your SOT has a molded-in tushy area that your seat-back band combo sits in, and cushions, and this little pre-existing crater helps a whole bunch. When you swap your seat to your Chessy, it's gonna be sitting on a flat piece of plywood, for all practical purposes, instead. This condiition will remove all the magic from the seat cushion, and your tush will be uncomfy... to put it mildly.

In short, you need constant support for your hindquarters. Point support will kill you. This means you need some sort of molded affair for max comfort.

But hey, there's nothing like a little personal experimentation! Buckle your seat in your new Chessy and try it for yourself! But be prepared to find that it doesn't quite do it for you. In which case, on to the next step. I recommend a carved minicell seat and suspended back band as the ultimate. Not that hard, and not that expensive - just a little different than what you're used to right now.

Mac brought up posture, and it's important! The sit-inside (called a SINK on the Texas gulf coast - lol) much prefers an upright posture, and even a slightly leaned-forward one. This also takes a little getting used to, but it works wonders, and make your mother proud of you.

So shift your mental gears, man - that Ch18 ain't no SOT, and you're gonna be GLAD of it!

By the way, I also fish quite a bit, and do it all out of my homemade sea kayaks out of Galveston.

Cheers, Kurt

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