Re: Brush prep

Posted by Mac on Jun 10, 2005


I have the one, the only, the best way to stop bristles from releasing into your epoxy, paint or varnish.

Ignore all other suggestions - mine is completely superior and will save you tons of money on disposible bristle brushes.


Don't use them. Go to the big box outlets and buy bags of the black 2 1/2" black foam brushes with the wooden dowel handles. Use them for all application, tipping-off, etc..

I will personnaly guarantee bristle free finishes without the usual brush marks.

They're dirt cheap, so don't be afraid to toss them in the middle of an application if they start to drag (tipping off) or get sticky.

I personally snap off the dowels and have a big bag of them - want some?

I started to use them out of frustration while building my first kayak and exclusively on my second.

I think I still have some disposable bristle brushes around that I'll probably use to clean sawdust out of the air vents in my power tools where the foam can't reach.

You may have the idea now, that I don't especially like bristle disposables - you would be correct.

Have fun paddlin' that beauty...


In Response to: Brush prep by Mike D on Jun 9, 2005