...need help with seat

Posted by Mark Dehnart on Jun 9, 2005


This is minor, and maybe even stupid. I am building a Chesepeake-18. I am nearing the finish. This is my first Sit In Kayak. I have 02 Sit On Tops, that we use for fishin'. I'm 45, and used to the comfort of a SOT seat, can go hours and hours with no discomfort. I've measured over and over. It seems that one of the top end seats I own will fit no problem. Is there a problem (maybe safety wise?) of installing a sit on top seat. Currently it appears mine will fit and be even with (not above) the coaming. Has anyone done this? ....or seen a SOT seat installed in a Sit In Kayak. Thanks in advance, your opions, solutions and ideas are awesome. I can't get on the NET without chhecking up to see whats going on, this is the best forum for kayaks.