Re: Light weight fillets?

Posted by Laszlo on Jun 9, 2005


The way to make fillets lightweight is to make them thin. Fillets simply hold the panels together until the glass tape is applied. The structural strength will be in the glass tape.

Use just enough epoxy to smooth the joint to a 3/8" radius or greater. This is to make the joint meet the glass tape's minimum bend radius requirement. Too much bend will make the tape lift away.

Do not attempt to bury the stitches in the putty. If they get in the way of a minimally thin fillet, pull them out.

A 3/4" wide fillet is overkill. 1/2" is plenty and in many places it can be reduced even further.

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In Response to: Light weight fillets? by raul calzadilla on Jun 8, 2005