Re: Drill and fill???

Posted by Howard on Jun 8, 2005

there is drill, fill redrill and some other slightly easier options.

first, do understand that the main reason for drill/fill redrill.. is to protect from water intrusion into the exposed end grain of the plywood when a hole is made through it. its main purpose is not to increase holding power.

classic drill/fill redrill would be to create an initial hole large enough that when you fill it and redrill it you have at least 1 milimeter of fill between the edge of the hole you drill inside the fill area and the a lot of protection to the end grain of the wood from moisture intrusion.

classic drill/fill redrill also is typically used where you have a machine screw going through a surface...and not a wood screw. the reason that is is becuase if the fill is an epoxy....its such a hard material that it is pretty hard to drive a screw into it without it being tapped..or cracking the fill. the other reason you typically do not use it with wood screws is its hard to verify that you got the second hole right down the middle of the first hole and did not, in fact, re-expose the end grain.

what i do with the strap eyes is drill the standard screw hole, carefully insert my screw, back the screw out. put a couple drops of unthickened epoxy into the hole ..then put the screw in again...and then back it out again. let it cure...and then you are ready to go. when the screw is placed finally...when you are installing your strap eyes...but a little silicone on the screw before you drive it not overtighten it.

use classic drill/fill drill on your footbrace bolts. in that case you will use 5/16 hole for the initial drill...and a 1/4 (4/16) for the final drill...this gives you a 1/32 ring of you can see there is not a lot of room for error.


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