Not Ruined

Posted by Howard on Jun 8, 2005


Just to be clear...based on the have not put the deck on and your picture shows the shear edge (deck/side corner) with the shear clamp running slightly proud of the side panels?

Water itself in a situation like this is not likely to stain the wood. However, fwiw, you should avoid washing bare wood with water cause it tends to raise the grain. If you are starting to see black in this area it is more likely becuase you have started to get close to sanding through the veneer of the plywood. the glue between the veneers is black/dark...and starts to show through if you oversand.

this kind of sanding mistake almost always occurs along an edge...cause it is easy to get your sander tilted and apply pressure unevenly quickly cutting through the veneer.

In general, when working along edges and is worth it to really go slow or use a sanding block to get the control you need to avoid a mistake. Also, if you do get past the can't sand out the problem now...and messing with it will only make the problem area bigger.

That being said, let this area dry out. To the extent that you sanded into the wood, it is going to be different in colour compared to the epoxied wood until you epoxy it again. If you sanded past the will get a small dark spot...but in the context of a 16 foot boat...this little problem will likely disappear except upon the most diligent inspection.

Continue putting your boat together...and you will see it in its entirety and I am sure it will be fine. If you don't like it at that point....a coloured hull is a very attractive option on the chesapeake series.

Keep positive. You will get a beautiful boat.


In Response to: Ruined? by Matt Croce on Jun 8, 2005