Posted by Matt Croce on Jun 8, 2005

OK, so as I'm sanding off the crappy, non-adhered second coat of epoxy off my CH-16, I made sure to wash it really well, to get off any remaining amine blush, and anything that may have gotten on the boat while sitting in my carport...and I notice that water has been sucked into the end grain in the places where bare wood was exposed, and has now stained the wood dark...looks like crap. You can see it in the picture as a dark, inverted V in the right half of the picture. This is one of several places that this has happened.

Any input? Will the stain continue to darken? Can I sand it out, our is it permeated through the wood? Do I have to paint my hull now? (Yech. Bright finish looks much better).

Thanks Matt