Re: Kiss my glass II than

Posted by Doug on Jun 8, 2005

According to my CLC manual, you can sand and varnish within 72 hours if it is warm and you have used the MAS resin and slow hardener. Varnish varies in curing time, but if you scratch, ding or otherwise, tear up your varnish coat, just add some afterward. I can assure you that you are going to mess up your pristine finish no matter how careful you are.

I sanded and re-varnished all of last seasons mars, and the CH16 was beautiful. Went out twice so far this season, and I have a brand new 3 foot scratch in one keel panel. I don't even recall hitting anything.

Finish 'er up and get wet! And post pictures.

In Response to: Kiss my glass II thank u! by James Eager on Jun 8, 2005