last epoxy coat

Posted by Mislav on Jun 8, 2005

The last piece of boat - forward coaming - went on this evening. Just the rigging and I will be ready to shoot some photos. I had troubles with last epoxy coat on deck and cockpit. The temp went down again to about 60 F which is not very nice for extra thin epoxy coats so although I warmed the thing, it cooled to thick gel once it touched the deck, so I had hard time spreading it with rag that is by the way now reserved for last epoxy coat. Only then it struck me that I could have thinned it with a drop of acetone, but too late.

Second mistake I made was that I haven't wet the floor (as I did with all my previous coats). I thought that with no sanding inbetween there should be no need for that, but you know what, the dust is everywhere. Lesson two learned.

Now the result is that I have thousands of tiny little bubbles and dust particles incorporated in my last epoxy coat. The question is will I be able to fill those micro holes (after sanding) with varnish or should I have one more epoxy fairing atempt inbetween?