Re: mountain paddling

Posted by Dave on Jun 3, 2005

Mother Nature gives us beauty and bounty but will kill in a heartbeat if we disobey. We haven't even talked about lightning on Pierce's mountain lake. Pierce has the right idea in gaming and armchairing these situations before the storm. Yup life near the jetstream is a challenge (50 degree temp drops, whiteouts in July and regular afternoon thundershowers) but any water near high ground is a breeding ground for high winds (rollers, waterspouts, etc.) swooping down (Try the Hudson River for getting set on your beam ends on a lovely day). We need to steel ourselves against the "gethomeiteis" implicit in Peirce's questions. Leave her on the rack, wait it out, thumb or hike home but don't let getting home to that family gathering kill you or your rescuers. Thanks for the good ideas and I plan to order Deep Trouble. Dave in Colorado, waiting out some marginal weather.

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