Re: Cross this water?

Posted by Dave on Jun 2, 2005

That looks like about 18 knots of wind and it would be dirt stupid for folks of our age and experience to start out in that. Wind force increases as to the square of the velocity so gusts and other worsening could put you in the drink. Since we're talking mountain conditions, the real question is can we get back to shore --any shore-- when the storm gods appear out of nowhere A friend and neighbor of mine spent some terrified minutes lying on the bottom of his 14' fisherman when waterspouts dropped on high water we both fish. In a previous life, Cheseapeake Bay line squalls can make a fine summer day miserable. Hypothermia kills here in the Rockies and protective gear is a must. I wear or take boots that I can hike back to the Jeep should I need to beach the craft. Fixed income or no, don't stint on safety gear and survival training and be confident in your water skills if you dump it (or some yahoo in a power boat cuts into you). Contribute generously to your local SAR group. Enjoy life on the water; it's a spendid opportunity for me an you too. Dave

In Response to: Cross this water? by Pierce Davidson on Jun 1, 2005