ambiguous answers

Posted by LeeG on Jun 1, 2005

because your focus is on the boat. The MC13 is NOT for the surf zone. You've already answered the question that you wouldn't go out in those conditions,,the kayak is irrelevent. In those choppy/windy conditions the MC13 windage is too high and the flat bottom will pound somewhat. Look at the photos in the CLC website for the kind of water the MC13 was designed for. I've been in those conditions with a MC13 and had fun but it's not really designed for it. If money was an issue and safety in marginal conditions for a fishing kayak was a concern then you should just go buy a plastic Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 SOT . If the wind was a bit less then paddling across to the other shore would be fine. The MC13, like any rec kayak, isn't really designed for self-rescue or use in conditions where capsize is a risk.

In Response to: Re: Cross this water? by Pierce Davidson on Jun 1, 2005