Re: Cross this water?

Posted by Howard on Jun 1, 2005

if you have to ask, you are clearly feeling some concern. that is what you need to get underneath.

there are bodies of water that can be great to cross one day...bad on another day...and of course it all depends on your experience and your equipment as well. key things to ask about the environment:

- what is the water temperature - how far away is that far shore - what are the size of those swells (in feet) - what is the wind speed average and gusts - is there current in that body of water - is the wind direction blowing you to a near shore or out to open water - what is the weather it getting calmer or worse, is the wind direction changing and to where? - are there other boaters, rescure services, or are you paddling all by yourself out there.

key things to ask about yourself: - have i done or seen other people with my skill do this before? - how strong a swimmer am i - how good am i at various self rescues - do i have the safety equipment i need to get me through a rescue and my bail-out plan (life jacket, dry suit?, marine radio, pump, paddle float, flares, etc.)

fwiw i paddle every day for exercise. i more often then not paddle alone. some people would say is too risky. however, i am not willing to take no risks. its about being smart in assessing risks...and taking on challenges in a measured fashion.

so even though i paddle mostly the same route, i will vary my approach according to the conditions: water cold...wear a dry suit. too windy, eliminate the open water portion of my route, a little too much drink the night before...maybe skip the day.

as for the mc13, answer the questions on the environment and your skills that i asked above...and let us know...and people will be able to give you much more reasoned answers. iits really hard to assess that picture without the other facts.


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