Re: glued to wax

Posted by Mac on Jun 1, 2005

One, Im AMAZED that the epoxy stuck to your waxed paper! What kind of waxed paper, and what kind of epoxy? Has this happened before?

Two. If you don't think sanding is doing the job - try heat. Epoxy gets soft quite quickly under a heat gun. This will mess up the surface though.

As an aside, I'm planning to carve my first GP, and have George Ellis' Traditional Paddle Making 101, as well as Chuck Holst's Making a West Greenland Paddle. Both of these gentlemen strongly advise against hard finishes - or any finish at all. The thinking seems to be that the soft wood used to make these paddles is not much protected by epoxy or varnish when it comes to dings - which can be steamed out of unfinished wood but are permanent in finished surfaces.

I'm not an expert on cedar (hope to become one after making my paddle), but I think cedar is difficult to cover with epoxy due to its natural oils.

Anyhoo, best wishes........


In Response to: glued to wax by Eric on Jun 1, 2005