Re: Bubbles or buggers

Posted by Mac on Jun 1, 2005

10000's of wipe-down ideas will come of this query.

My 2 cents, - anything but tack cloth.

One thing not to forget is your work area's floor - vacuume, wait a bit - vacuume again.

Just before you apply your epoxy or varnish, wet the floor down with water. It's amazing how much dust (bugger spore) you kick up running around the hull when applying a coat of something.

The next things are insects and wind-blown stuff. I build inside over the winter, so this isn't usually a problem. At this time of year however, depending on where you are, this can be a royal PITA.

We've often said that our boats will last a very long time, and the DNA captured in our finishes could start the next Jurassic Park.

Have fun in the home stretch.


In Response to: Bubbles or buggers by Mike D on May 31, 2005