Bubbles or buggers

Posted by Mike D on May 31, 2005

It's buggers. The good news is that the optics in the 7X loupe are good enough to make up for the not so good close vision.

What looked like outgassing bubbles look different under magnification. In all but a very few of the little bumps I couldn't see any gas bubble, or anything else. In a few of the biggest, still smaller then a pin head, there were what looked like bits of dust or maybe particles from the chip brush I used to spread the epoxy. looks like dust control isn't only for varnish.

The 20-20 hindsight tells me I should have continued on with the fill coats to get the no-sanding chemical bond. Oh well, well passed that now. The carbide scraper took the bumps off but the 150 grit sanding block only touched the high spots and with only one fill coat I don't want to sand the glass away trying to rough up the rest of the surface.

Overall only about 40% of the surface has been roughed up. The plan is to go over the entire hull with a Scoth Brite pad and vacuum and wipe down before the next fill coat.

OK, now what do the experienced builders use to wipe down a hull between coats of epoxy? And will the next coat of epoxy stick if the little dimples in the weave are still shiny?

Any and all wisdomn gratefully accepted.

Happy building, MD

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