Re: When to add stern str

Posted by Mislav on May 31, 2005

>> 4. The magic part. Took a piece of 4 mil polyethylene dropcloth

Oh, sure, sorry I forgot about that. I used the trick over the slit I had to cut at stern when fiberglassing the hull. The slit was cut just a minute before I hit it with epoxy. I also had to cut an inch or so more after I rolled fresh epoxy. At that time the mess started to show, so I gently roll epoxy over the first layer of cloth, cover it with another, put more epoxy and lay a piece of PE sheet over it and lightly pressed it into epoxy towards the unravelling edge to squeeze out any air if possible. Next day peeled the sheet and sand it smooth after few days. Can't see where the edge is now, even with magnifier.

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