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Posted by Matt Croce on May 31, 2005

Not that it matters but:

Didn't use a tack cloth.

Fabric softener was the liquid kind that goes on in the washer. (We don't use the dryer sheets, not sure if that makes a difference).

Space heater wasn't used between coats, but even if it had been, it's an electric one -- no flame, no soot.

As far as starting to set up: no, everything was still flowing well throughout the whole job. The only thing that I noticed was that the grunge I scraped off was white, not clear, like it had air in it.

You're beginning to see my frustration.

Also, I'd think that I got something on the hull, too, but the primary problem was on the sheer panels, which are almost vertical -- if it was something airborne, you'd think the flat keel panels would've been affected more, and they weren't.

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