Re: Big Problem Glassing

Posted by Mac on May 31, 2005


The first thing that comes to my feeble mind is Bouncy/Fleecy fabric softener sheets in the dryer.

These are even worse than the wax in tack cloth.

OR - the space heater (open flame?) was putting out soot.

Something got on your hull is my thought.

Usually a bad mix of epoxy stays gummy - not your case.

Did the last coat flow on easily, or was it starting to set up before you got it all layed on (up near the bow)? This may have prevented adhesion to the first coat but allowed it to cure hard.

Deep breath, it all gets fixed with patience.

Wait for the experts to weigh in here and go at it again.

You've done a great job - and we won't let you botch anything now.

Hang in there.

In Response to: Big Problem Glassing Hull by Matt Croce on May 31, 2005