Re: When to add stern str

Posted by Mike D on May 30, 2005


Thanks for the feed back. It is a very good possibilty that the temp rose a few degrees, no more then 4 or 5, from the time the fill coat was put on and the buggers appeared. Could be that the room cooled during the night and the AC didn't kick in till the temp rose enough to bring on the gas.

Buggers 'cause I'll have the bring my 7X loupe from the office to be able to see well enough to tell for sure if there is a bit of air (okum gas) in there or not. The darn bifocals just don't do it anymore.

I thought that the wet out coat had cured enough to seal against outgassing - looks like it might not have. The wet out coat wasn't very hard (easily dented with a thumb nail) when the first fill coat went on. Oh well, live and learn.

If there isn't any gas, then the buggers came from some other screw-up.

Happy building, MD

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