Re: When to add stern str

Posted by Mac on May 30, 2005


When you came back and saw all the little buggers - er - bubbles, had the temperature risen?

I'm hoping the bubbles are in the first fill coat and not the wet-out coat. If in the fill coat - you have the correct procedure - 150 hand sanding of the fill coat - after it's really cured. Keep wetting the surface with water to see if the bubbles are gone or not.

Keep applying your fill coats at the end of the day so the temp always falls afterwards until the epoxy has cured.

Now, if the air has come from the wood, up through the wet-out coat and into the fill coat, you may not be able to sand all the bubbles out without entering the glass.

At this point I would leave it alone - they're really tiny and probably only you will see them.

Usually at this point the builder's mind gets made up regarding bright finish or painted hull.

Full stem ahead Matey!


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