Re: When to add stern str

Posted by Mike D on May 30, 2005

Thanks Lee and Mislav for the information. Lee, where can I start looking for the rolling blade cutter? Is it something like a really sharp pizza cutter?

It looks like I have managed to envoke the dreaded outgassing beast. The wet-out coat went onto the hull glass last night. A few passes with the squeege got everything nice and smooth and the thermostat was set a couple of degrees lower (from 76 to 72) when I left for the night.

This morning it still looked good and the epoxy seemed firm enough for a fill coat. That looked good after brushing it on and going back over it with the squeege. So far so good.

Well, when I came back a couple of hours later there were tiny little bumps pretty evenly distributed all over the 'poxy, thousands of them. The 'poxy was set enough so it was beyond responding to the squeege. Looking at the little bumps, much smaller then a pin head, I think I can see that they are in fact bubbles.

At this point the plan is to let it cure for a couple of days and trying sanding it with some 150 grit paper on a hand sanding block then two more thin fill coats.

Does this sound like it will work? Any advice greatfully welcomed.

Happy building, anyway, MD

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