Re: When to add stern str

Posted by Mislav on May 30, 2005

>> 2)How in the world do the smart builders handle bias cut glass cloth without turning it into a frayed mess?

I cut the strips of cloth diagonally to make biased tape. First I laid 1" masking tape over the cloth to simuulate the edges of the tape. Then I cut the cloth through the middle of the masking tape. After the epoxy sets and before it cures it's very easy to cut off those masked edges with a razor.

This procedure eliminats any unravelling, but it has it's drawabacks. Masking tape holds glass fibers strongly so fiberglass will not follow the shape of the seams well. I managed to lay the tape nicely in the cockpit where the seams are more or less straight, but in the extreme bow and stern where the chine seams are curved I fighted hard with wrinkles. Perhaps it would be easier to fight with frayed mess.

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