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Posted by Laszlo on May 30, 2005


I most respectfully and cordially disagree. Stitch and glue tells us exactly what is happening, ply-form is an uninformative neologism, like all those dot com names from a few years ago. It's the difference between Bell Telephone and Verizon - for the first one you're pretty sure why you wrote them a check.

Without extra knowledge, ply-form can also apply to plywood on frame boats, to skin on plywood frame boats or even to multi-ply kleenex on chicken wire frame boats (OK, maybe not that last, but I needed a 3rd choice sentence ender).

Stitch and glue can and does apply to different boat materials, but at least the basic technique is the same for each material type.

I'm not sure where exactly you got the flimsy and ugly bit from the name, but if the "and" is completely spelled out instead of abbreviated "n'", that'll probably go a long way towards implying strength, beauty and purposeful design, right?

And please keep in mind that whether you want to think of the glass as half empty or half full, the real issue is that it's time for a refill. (You're right, that has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion, but this way I can end a post with a non-sequitur and a drink)

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