Re: Help! on Glassing Hul

Posted by Howard on May 30, 2005

looks to me like you sanded a bit through the glass and into the wood. simply patch it with a bit of cloth and sand it fair with the rest of the hull. no need to re-glass a larger area based on what i see.

as to the flake you are talking about...looks to me like you had an area where you had some glass that did not get completely wetted out. once that happens, even if you put fresh epoxy over it...when you sand it..and cut into that area...the whole unwet section of glass tends to become white and pop/peel out. if its just a small bubble...just sand to a clean edge of glass...and then epoxy over it. if it is larger...patch it with a small piece of wetted out cloth. these little defects are pretty typical little issues that new builders will encounter.

otherwise...looks like you are coming along fine.

In Response to: Help! on Glassing Hull by Matt Croce on May 29, 2005