Help! on Glassing Hull

Posted by Matt Croce on May 29, 2005

I have glassed my hull and applied two coats of epoxy. Most of the hull is good to go, but I have a couple of issues I need help sorting out.

First, there are a couple of spots that look like the second coat of epoxy did not adhere, for whatever reason. (My guess is that I got sloppy and didn't mix it as well as I should, although there's a dryer vent within 10 feet of my workspace, so maybe that did it). You can see a spot where the paint didn't adhere in the very front of this picture, where it looks like it's flaking off. Is my assessment correct about the second coat not adhering?

Second, I was sanding this second coat, trying to get rid of the stuff that didn't adhere properly, so that I could recoat it. The 120 grit wasn't working fast can guess where this is I threw a disk of 80 grit on the sander...and cut through the glass to the wood. You can see this in the middle of the picture.

Here's my dilemma - I am wondering if I have sanded through much of the glass at the front of the boat, or if it's just this one spot. Can you tell from the picture? I thought it would be more apparent before it happened...

Should I reglass the front 1/4 of the hull, patch where I've sanded through the glass, or just epoxy over the area?

...and I've thrown away my 80 grit sandpaper...hard way to learn patience, I guess.

So to sum up... 1. Can you tell if I'm right about a coat of epoxy not adhering properly? 2. Have I sanded through much of the glass, or just that one small spot? 3. Should I reglass the whole bow, patch the hole, or just epoxy over it?

Thanks for your help. Matt

p.s. the rest of the hull looks great...