Re: epoxie temperature

Posted by Mark Camp on May 28, 2005

I am not a chemist or an experienced boat-builder, so the following is just my opinion.

The epoxy I applied at temps below 50 seems fine to me.

So, I don't believe the chemical reaction of curing pretty much quits below 50 degrees or some other temperature.

I think that it probably just slows down by 50% with every 10 degrees Celsius decrease in temperature, like they taught us all in high school that most chemical reactions do. I don't think there is anything magical about the reaction of epoxy curing. I think it's probablhy exactly what the epoxy chemists say it is, if you google it: an electron-rich amine group reacting with an electron poor-carbon in an epoxy group.

It would take a very long time for it to cure at 50, with normal hardener. But fast hardener is formulated specifically to cure in a reasonable time at cooler temperatures. The chemists who formulated it would not put a temp rating of 40 degrees on it, or whatever, if that were not true.

I think they know epoxy chemistry better than we do.

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