Important & relevant ?

Posted by Susan on May 27, 2005

Hello all;

My work sent me away for a time. Understandably, I've missed this board.

Okay, my big important annnnnnd relevant question.

Who is given credit with coining the term Stich and Glue? Is this person still alive? Am I embarrasing myself by not be aware of this master Guru? Am I'm wasting your precious time?


Notes on 17LT:

4th coat of varnish. Not the best looking, but I'm not going to be the one to complain. I'm also working on my homemade saddle system. I'm going go belly down for now.

BTW, bought some, really, completely, totally, useless, 3/4 ply from that gigantic store that is located every 5 or so miles around "our" place.