Re: deckbeam again

Posted by Laszlo on May 27, 2005

I was fooled the same way with the 16LT. I was worried about the gap and was ready to "fix" things, but fortunately Ed at CLC talked me out of it.

The reason I was snookered was the combination of conventional wisdom that plywood only bends in one direction (if it's thin enough it can do 2) and that picture in the shop tips that defines deck radius. It shows the deck as a cylindrical section, reinforcing the idea that there will be a gap between the bulkhead and deck.

When I finally decked the 16LT, there were no gaps at all between the deck and any of its support structures.

For CLC - maybe a note in the next revision of the manual or on the shop tip that explains deck radius might help stop this silliness.

For everyone else - take a deep breath and trust the designers. There have been thousands of these boats built and the real probleams are long gone.


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