Re: Jeep Wrangler Yak Car

Posted by Matt Croce on May 26, 2005

I've got a hardtop Wrangler, too. It took me about three different tries before I found a rack that is easy to use, and lets me take my hardtop on / off (I put a soft top on in the summer) without uninstalling it. I finally ended up buying the congo cage rack from kargomaster (link below), cross bars from Yakima, and kayak cradles from Thule, and rollers from yakima. It all works together well, but I would recommend buying both the crossbars and the cradles from Thule, and just the rollers from Yakima. (Thule crossbars are rectangular instead of round, like Yakimas, and won't rotate when you load the boat).

Whatever you do, don't buy the crossbars from kargomaster; they are freaking huge, and make your jeep look completely top heavy.

Best of luck... Matt

In Response to: Jeep Wrangler Yak Carrier by Parke on May 26, 2005