No bittersweet at all

Posted by Robert N Pruden on May 26, 2005

Can you say "damned tired of working the backshift?" I did my time there and wanted out 10 years ago. I am currently at work waiting for the clock to strike midnight. When that happens I will ride my Yamaha FZ1 the long way home and really enjoy my new found freedom.

As for chemical smells - can you say DMK? I've had it up to my cerebellum long enough. Tomorrow I wake up and smell only the lilacs I planted in my back yard in 1998. They are in full bloom now and I plan to inhale their fragrance for a couple of hours as I sit on my deck pondering...pondering nothing.

Hey, John, perhaps CLC would like to hire a chem tech who can build boats? Whaddya say?

Robert N(o job) Pruden

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