Re: deckbeam again

Posted by CLC on May 26, 2005

>>>>>>>I mounted deckbeam at it's place and streched a straight batten between bow and froznt bulkhead and guess what - there is a gap of about 1/4" between batten and the top edge of the deckbeam.


Lay a straightedge on the profile view of the deck on the front page of the plans and you'll find about a 1/4" of profile curve in the deck. That's supposed to be there; the deck is not a section of a two-dimensional cone or cylinder, and the crown is not a straight line from cockpit to bow.

Do not plane the bulkhead and do not mound epoxy on the deckbeam; the deck will rest happily on both. The Oxford Shell deck has little camber and is very easy to install.

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